April 9, 2011

Looking for a band to sing this Soapy Smith ballad.

We are looking for a band to sing and record
The Bloody Ballad of Soapy Smith

In 2008 my good friend, Ed Parrish wrote and sang a fantastic ballad about Soapy Smith. The full title is The Bloody Ballad of Notorious Bad Man Soapy Smith’s Wretched and Violent Demise. With a future film already in the works a ballad might send a band into the big time, one never knows.

Personally, I'm thinking of a period piece like Ed sings it but I'm no musician so ideas are welcome. If you know a band perfect for this song please send the post along, however, Ed owns the song so please contact me so the "legal" stuff is taken care of.

For those interested in singing the song it is also published on the main website HERE.

1892: Parson Tom Uzzell has money and pants stolen in Creede.  
1892: McGinty the petrified man “discovered.”  
1892: Soap Gang member, Cornelius “Con Sullivan” Sullivan elected to the Creede city council.  
1898: John Addison Porter, Secretary to President McKinley, writes to Soapy acknowledging the minutes and letter from the Skagway Military Company. Soapy hangs this letter on the wall in Jeff Smith’s Parlor.

Jeff Smith


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