April 21, 2011

Graham Wilson's video: The Klondike Gold Rush: Photographs from 1896-98.

Graham Wilson, alias "YukonGraham" produced the wonderful video of the Klondike history below. Well done Graham!

1888: Frank “Blue-Jay” Brown attempted to shoot the man his wife had been seeing, but his gun misfired and the man returned one shot striking Brown in the face. He lives, following Soapy to Alaska in 1898.
1895: Soapy and Bascomb go on a rampage assaulting numerous people, including the chief of police and John Hughes, the latter bringing charges that put Bascomb in prison and make Soapy a fugitive.
1898: The U.S. declared war on Spain on April 25, but backdates the declaration to April 21.

Jeff Smith


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