April 18, 2011

Actors and Scenes in the Soapy Smith Tragedy

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The above postcard was purchased in 1977 at the Hegg photo store. I believe they can still be purchased there but they are not online. I do not know the date of this creation but I do know that the original is a part of the Itjen and Rapuzzi collection and was displayed in Jeff Smith's Parlor when it was a museum. I assume that the original is being restored and will once again reside inside the Parlor as a part of the Soapy Smith museum. In 1977 my parents and my brother went to Skagway with my uncle, aunt and cousin Joanne. Although the museum had long closed to the general public, George Rapuzzi gave us a tour of the Parlor so I had the opportunity to see the place as it actually looked.

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Above is the original piece which was rather large, perhaps 48" x 36." I recall it was in a hall way of sorts, where the walls were too close to get back far enough to take a good photograph. My dad took the above picture and as you can see he had to take it at an angle.

Courtesy of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Parks
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The above photograph is pretty much how the Parlor looked when I saw it in 1977. The print was hanging on the left wall, beyond the door in the rear of the photo.

Jeff Smith


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