March 15, 2011

Giving Soapy Smith a title

Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith member, Rich, suggested a great idea in the campaign to move Soapy up the ladder of the known historical characters of the American old west. He suggests we give Soapy a "special title to associate with him." Rich came up with "Robin Hood of the Old West." Early historian authors called Jesse James a Robin Hood sort, but few fit that title better than Soapy does.

Rich is on to something here. Incidentally, I took the same idea in naming Soapy's last gunfight, "Shootout on Juneau Wharf." I used, as a reference, the title of the west's most famous shoot-out, the "Gunfight at the OK Corral."

In the 1960s Soapy was known as the "King of the Frontier Con Men," taking the title from the book of the same name. He has also been known as:
  • Bad Man of the North
  • Alaska’s Outlaw
  • Prince of Knaves
  • Green Cloth Diplomat
  • Hayseed Educator of Seventeenth Street

I have created a page devoted to giving Soapy a title and there are more samples there to hopefully give you some inspiring thoughts. Let's all come up with our own ideas for a great title. Something that will encompass his entire life, not just Colorado or Alaska.

Check out the new page HERE 



  1. maybe not a title, but how about "Soapy - cleaning up Skagway one pocket at a time."

  2. Jefferson Randolph 'Sospy' Smith II: "Panner of Prospectors Pokes"


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