February 14, 2011

Replica of Jeff Smith's Parlor?

Close Replica of Jeff Smith's Parlor
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Here are some photographs of the replica Jeff Smith's Parlor that I posted about for the last few weeks. Although the builder, "Wolfgang," changed his mind in building a replica of Soapy's Skagway, Alaska saloon it sure looks pretty darn close to me. Good work "Wolfgang."

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  1. That building looks fantastic! Very nice work Wolfgang [ great name BTW ].
    I have no idea what transpired to cause the decision not to complete this project as 'Jeff Smith's Parlor', and I do not want to know....it's none of my business.

    However, looking at that nicely constructed structure leaves me with a heavy heart. I was following the construction phases from the beginning....and I am certain many others here were too....all with great anticipation to view the finished project.
    As I said the building is VERY nice, but it lacks the 'personality' and true identity that we all were anxiously waitng for. As such, it is just a attractive little replica structure like so many others.

    Wolfgang, I do not know you, and you do not know me....but if you somehow are able to receive these words...would it be possible for you to consider completeing the project as originally intended? At least for History's sake. You would make many Old West History buffs here, and elswhere, very, very happy. Thank-you for any consideration in this matter.

    Rich Hennessey


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