February 22, 2011

"Me give up. Don't shoot anymore!"

Soapy Smith had an office upstairs and the
Midway Saloon on the bottom floor far right hand corner
 (Click image to enlarge)

While going through old files I found one regarding a Denver con man by the name of Walter Baker. I thought it was comical.

Rocky Mountain News
June 11, 1891.

Walter Baker and S. O’Connor, two alleged bunco men, were working their three-shell racket near the south Denver depot yesterday afternoon, when officer G. H. Peterson started after them. They recognized him and began to run. He pulled his revolver and fired at the ground near them. Baker fell and howled for mercy. He said: “Me give up. Don’t shoot any more. My whole hip gone now.” The fellow was wild and had not been touched. He is now in the city jail.

At this time I do not know if he had any connection to the Soap Gang. 


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