February 28, 2011

How the Tivoli Club got its name.

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IAlias Soapy Smith, I discuss different theories as to how Soapy came to name his first saloon, the Tivoli Club. In once again researching Denver's newspapers I found the following

William Deutsch is proprietor of the Tivoli variety theatre in Pueblo. It was reported burglarized on march 6, 1883. $100 in silver and two pistols.  -Rocky Mountain News, March 6, 1883.

Deutsch obtained the property and constructed the building that would house Soapy's saloon and gaming den on August 12, 1886. The Tivoli Club opened its doors in 1888. I think Deutsch may have suggested the name "Tivoli" to Soapy.

Tivoli name: page 124.


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