December 14, 2010

New replica of Jeff Smith's Parlor, part IV

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Construction on the replica of Jeff Smith's Parlor continues through December. "Wolfgang" finished the foundation and put up one side wall. More on this project can be seen Wolfgang's website page devoted to the history of the project.



  1. This is just GREAT! I cannot wait to see the project when it's finished.

    Jeff can you tell us what side of the building the 'bar' was located? Window side or door side?
    I tried to locate where the smokestack emerged from the roof, but in the photos it always 'seemed' to be obscured by the false front in the exterior photographs. There is a stack visible, however, I thought it might belong to the larger building to the right of the Parlor.

  2. The bar was located on the window side. The building was built for the First Bank of Skaguay in 1897. At that time the door was smack dab in the middle with a window on each side. Back on December 12, 2008 I posted an article with a photograph of the Parlor when it was the First Bank of Skaguay. When Soapy purchased the building he had to move the door over to one side in order to make room for the bar.

    Regarding the smokestack, photographs taken on the inside show that the wood burning stove was located on the rear left (window) side of the building. The stovepipe went from the stove, up to the ceiling and crossed the room to the right side and then turned upwards and out the roof.

    At this time the inside of the replica Parlor will not be constructed like the original. That is a possible plan for the future. For now it will most likely be an office and extra bedroom for guests. A small wood burning stove is currently being restored for use in the building.

    Jeff Smith

  3. Thanks Jeff. Now I have a better idea of the orietation of the interior with the exterior.


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