November 28, 2010

Soapy's son and grandchild.

Above is a very nice photograph from the Sarah Moriarty Collection of Jefferson Randolph Smith III and one of his daughters taken at the family home in St. Louis. The date the photo was taken depends on which of the six daughters is shown above. It can safely be stated that the photographs dates after 1911, the birth-year of Joan Wanda Smith, the first born daughter. This may not be true if the child is one of the boys.
Do you know which of the children this is?


On other topics - I am updating the blog as fast as I can, adding the apps that are missing when I changed templates. I apologize to all.



  1. That is a wonderful photograph! Nicely posed. A proud Father putting his beloved child on a pedestal. Even with the cigar in his mouth it appears as if they are having a simple father/child conversation. need to apologize...obviously you are doing all you can. Even in its reduced state, IMO this is one of the best Old West blogs.

    P.S. I am re-reading portions of 'Alias Soapy Smith' and finding things I missed the first time. <(*J*)>

  2. Thank you Rich. Your comments are appreciated.


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