November 15, 2010

Cathy Spude's book review, part 2.

Cathy Spude and I are discussing her review of my book and my response to it, on the Soapy Smith Discussion Forum. Don't miss the fun! You can even join in if you wish. All are welcome!



  1. I would like to post a comment. However, I will not post again, until the unrelated and distracting political spam links are blocked for good.
    See the political spam link above. It has nothing to do with JRS II or the Old West.
    This has been a lot of fun until the silly links started appearing.

  2. Hi, Rich.
    I'm sorry about the political spam. I'm certainly not posting them and I don't know how they get there, but I'm deleting them as soon as I realize they are there.

    Jeff Smith

  3. Thanks Jeff. Yes this blog has been a nice refuge for me....and I am sure others feel the same.

    I decided to post publicly about the silly political spam in hope that this guy will know that his links to his political site are not welcome here.[Get out of Dodge]
    It has nothing to do with the fact that he is obviously an angry liberal, and it is a 'far left' site. If it was a conservative site I would feel the same way.

    Jeff I think deleting the spam as soon as possible is a good idea.

    This is what some towns do with graffiti vandals...when you cover up their blight as soon as possible ...they eventually give up....move somewhere else.

  4. Rich, I agree 100%.

    Political issues are important, especially these days. I am a Libertarian. Have been since 1976. At one time I was on the central committee of the California Libertarian Party. This is the first (and hopefully only) time I have mentioned that fact on this blog. It does not belong here as this is strictly a history site and I aim to keep it that way. Important social and political issues can be discussed on hundreds of thousands of on-line websites, blogs and forums...but not here.

    I will do my very best to keep my eyes open to these political links and delete them immediately, whether they be liberal, conservative, or libertarian. Please help me as well, by letting me know if you see any here. That goes for any unauthorized spam.

    Jeff Smith

  5. Beautiful....Jeff! I feel 'liberated' lol

    Now back to History

    I have an amazing passage about White Pass Trail I will be posting soon in the section with the White Pass pictures, however, please move it if you have a better place.

  6. Rich, you are welcome to post it anywhere you wish. Even on the forum is you so desire. If you think it is worthy of its own article then contact me and perhaps we can work something out.

    Jeff Smith


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