October 23, 2010

What in Sam Hill would you like to see?

I'm back from Tombstone, Arizona and well rested. I came back to many interesting emails as usual and find myself overwhelmed, also as usual. So I ask you, what in Sam Hill would you like to see!? Is there some particular interest of Soapy's life you have a question about or just wish to know more about? A certain photograph, book passage, or newspaper article? I'll do my very best...as usual.

email: Jeff Smith



  1. Friend Jeff...welcome back! I hope you had an enjoyable and successful trip.

    I find it fitting that the previous 'entree'' was the amazing drawing of the 'Bunco Brain'. [love it]

    Since you asked...I would like to know more specifics about the thinking and the 'lenghts' that JRS II and his men went to...to acheieve their goals.
    The whole psychological aspect of all the well thought out deception is compelling and extremely interesting.
    I can't help thinking of the movie.."The Sting".

    One example that I read about, that blew me away was: During the stampede through "White Pass", several members of the gang actually left Skaguay, and went on a 'fake stampede' with cotton stuffed backpacks and sleds carrying lightweight fake cargo with axe handles etc. sticking out.

    They presented themselves as regular...and 'very benevolent and helpful regular folks seeking the same ultimate goal of gold....when in fact their only interest was fleeceing those along the beginning of the trail with their bunco games and other schemes.

    Talk about 'survival of the fittest'! lol

  2. Friend Jeff: One further suggestion: Is it possible to have a click on feature for 'New Post's'?
    I am a member of other forums and this is a Great feature...when comments are entered on older posts.
    Without this feature most folks would never know something has been added to a particular thread.
    Thank-you for your consideration.


  3. Friend, Rich.

    In the first sidebar to the right you will see the new "recent comments" app. This should do the trick.

    Now, in regards to "comment #1," you wish to know more specifics about the thinking and the 'lengths' that J.R.S. II and his men went to...to achieve their goals (of obtaining a victims money).

    There are numerous hints and explanations spread throughout my book, but perhaps my favorite appears on pages 492-494. As it is wordy I decided to make a post about it that you can see HERE.

  4. Thanks Jeff! How in the world I missed the 'recent comments' column is beyond me. Doh!

    That is very helpful!

    Thanks also for the refernce from your book....re: 'bunco brain thinking' etc.

    I read the entire book, but still find myself going back often to to reread certain portions.

  5. You didn't miss the "recent comments" column. I just added it per your good suggestion.


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