October 8, 2010

One post a day?

My goal with this blog has been to post at least one article a day. Life has a habit of getting in the way of the best laid out plans, and continues to do so. I apologize for the lack of posts. Believe me, it is not for lack of trying or information. Ideas and coming articles are beginning to fill up my desktop. Continued trips down to my old stomping grounds for appointments and chores usually mess my blog plans up for a few days but an upcoming book-signing trip to Tombstone, Arizona next week has me scrambling for needed trip items. I promise to do my best to post what I can before and during my trip. Most important to me is that you, my visitors, know that I am not tiring of this blog. Rather, I am just getting started!

Watch for coming articles, including...
  • Many more early photographs.
  • Outlaw Harry Tracy's connection to John and Frank Clancy (Soapy's partners).
  • New information on Soap Gang members.
  • More original documents never before published.
  • and much more...



  1. Friend Jeff: I think the Blog is GREAT! I can only speak for myself, but I think one new 'article' entries a day...may be to much for me as a reader of the blog... to keep up. Two or three a week seems about right for my schedule. :)

    However,I do love the old photo's and other images such as the one above.

    Happy trails.

  2. Friend Rich,

    Your continued support is greatly appreciated! I enjoy reading your interesting comments and additional information. It is exactly what I had hoped for. You and your posts are a most welcome addition. I know it seems like you and I are the only ones here but trust me, "they" are out there, and new members are joining almost weekly, 2 this week alone. Most surely others will soon join in the discussions.

  3. Oh yes Jeff! I surmise there are other blogsters who are just as interested in ths amazing era of American History.

    Personally, I enjoy learning more and more about the various characters...especially JRS II! whom, as your graphic analysis [above] indicates.... was more in the peoples conscience than a well known 'giant' figure who many believe to hold that position.

    JRS II just keeps entering the scene it seems... no matter where my research takes me.

    IMHO JRS II was the 'most direct, and kind hearted' scoundrel to come down the road. He even admitted to a judge ...he sincerely [I paraphrase] felt he was doing a service to family men...by making them realize...they can't win! Thus, persuading them to return to taking care of their families, and quit being so foolish. Tough Love! LOL

    Not yet beyond the range. :)

  4. He surely believed that if they did not listen to his warnings then they deserved to be taken, lol.

    Jeff Smith

  5. "You can't cheat an honest man...never give a sucker an even break or smartin' up a chump" ! ...Egbert Souse' {w.C Fields in "The Bank Dick"]

    And..."It's not 'Sowse' it's 'Soosay'. LOL


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