September 5, 2010

Soapy Smith newsletter

The latest and very late issue of the Friends of Soapy Smith newsletter was sent out yesterday. Because it was so late in coming out and so much posted on the blog was not mentioned I am not real proud of this issue but within hours I received some positive feedback. I am pleasantly surprised and the encouragement keeps me driving ever forward.

Hi Jeff

As usual, a wonderful read in your current newsletter. You mention that Soapy isn’t well known. True, but he is well known in the north, where I live. I believe that it really isn’t about Soapy himself why he is well known here but he did create a history we cannot deny. Without infamous Soapy the Klondike Gold Rush and, Skagway , particularly would not be as well known so hooray for Soapy. Hard to believe that one man, one time in history and here it is, 2010 and we still talk about him. He made history, he made us and the territory and the state of Alaska what we are today. He was and is part of that for without Soapy our history would not be as exciting or interesting as it is today. – Now to go back to a most interesting newsletter – you’ve been missed!

Donna Clayson

...and from my cousin Tad

Thanks Jeff!!!

You sure are doing a great job.Your website is fabulous and I learn something new about our Great GrandPa every time I look at it. Keep up the terrific work.

Cousin Tad


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