September 19, 2010

Do you recognize her?

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Sarah Moriarty sent me an email yesterday with a photo of M. Campion. I assume this is her married name. Does anyone have any idea who this is? Sarah writes

Hi Jeff,
I emailed you a while back about Soapy Smith. I've been getting really interested in heritage lately and my aunt just showed me tons of pictures. I picked out a couple that I thought you might want?? You probably have most or all of them since they look like copies to me. Hopefully they'll be new to you...

... The second Picture is of M. Campion in 1914. I'm not sure who that is, so maybe you know. My aunt said that she is cousins with my great grandfather (Mary Eva's husband) but then she found pictures of Campion with Mary Eva before that. So she wasn't sure if she was related to Mary Eva or not.

I can send you more if you want, they're mostly of Jefferson Smith and his family, that's why I thought you'd be interested.


Now this is what I hoped for, sharing and family interaction. Sarah, thank you very much for the wonderful photographs. By all means please send what you have. Although based around Soapy Smith, this site covers the entire family history. The more the family can get together and share our individual knowledge the better we will fully understand our history, not to mention help others identify if they are related to us and share out history.


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