August 21, 2010

Who should star as Soapy Smith

I have a link at the top of the page, What actor should play Soapy? Earlier this week I received an email from Ashley Bowman of Skagway, Alaska who suggested Jim Richards, owner and retired actor who played Soapy for literally decades. I thought it was a great choice and posted it with the rest of the choices sent in. Ashley knows Jim as I do so we began emailing back and forth. The I received this one from her.

This question of who would play Soapy has started quite a few hot debates here-- my friends and I have been surveying the town and gotten a lot of great responses. Thanks for the conversation starter!

That peaked my interest and curiosity so I asked her for more details. Here is what she has sent thus far.

Well here's a few of the responses from myself and the women I work with-- important to note these are all coming from women because naturally we picked all the hottest actors--
  • Hugh Jackman (Wolverine meets Kate and Leopold)
  • Christian Bale (if only he didn't have such a baby face)
  • Viggo Mortenson (ok, maybe, maybe not)

A few others that came up later at the Elks:

  • Daniel Day-Lewis (pretty perfect, I think, in light of There Will Be Blood)
  • Sam Elliott (also a good one)
  • Val Kilmer (I don't see it)
  • Tom Hanks (ala Road to Perdition?)

If I get any more I'll let you know :) As soon as I read "Paul Newman" I thought right away that a young Paul Newman or a young Robert Redford (with dark hair) would be a great Soapy. For that matter maybe Bogey as well... now my mind is entirely taken up with thoughts of Hollywood Soapys.

Thank you so much Ashley!


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