August 30, 2010

Soapy Smith Wake nets $2,000 for charity.

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The entrance banner 

Once again the annual Soapy Smith Wake was a great success for the Magic Castle charity. The following was published in the Academy of Magical Arts Newsletter, August 2010. The photographs come from the Magic Castle website and were taken by Hal Scheie and Hocus Pocus Focus. Click images to enlarge them.

Soapy Smith collects cold cash

"German Pete" & "Minnesota Maureen" 

The Magic Castle’s 7th Annual Soapy Smith costume Party raised over $2,000 after expenses for the Dai Vernon Fund, the Magic Castle’s philanthropic community chest benefiting magicians in need.

 Karin McKechnie

The raucous party, hosted by Pop Haydn, Chef Anton, Judge Nelson, and the Soapy Smith Preservation Trust, featured turn-of-the-last century gambling, music from Professor Dave Bourne and his Medicine Show Band, speeches honoring Soapy Smith, America’s Most Trusted Con Man, an auction of collectible magic and Soapy Smith items, a trick pool shot demonstration by Chef Anton and a “Toast to Soapy’s Ghost.”

Dave Bourne and the Medicine Show Band

The Costume Contest featured three top prizes: most original, sexiest, and honorable mention — garnered by Donal Chayce, Darcy Prevost and Rachel Stoll (a duel award — honest, you should have seen them!) and Holly Beavon, respectively. Each winner received dinner at the Magic Castle and tickets to the Cabaret at the Castle event featuring Jake Broder as Lord Buckley.

 "Magill" and Jeff Smith

The AMA Trustees and the School for Scoundrels thank the Events Department, all of our volunteer helpers behind and in front of the scenes, and particularly those who traveled across the country to take part in what has become the major fund-raiser of the year for the Academy of Magical Arts’ home-grown charity. Make sure you mark your calendars next year – you’ll have a whale of a good time!





  1. Congratulations to all! Oh how I wish I could have been present.Maybe someday.

    I am sure that JRS II is smiling from 'beyond the range'...knowing that the Dai Vernon fund was to recieve the proceeds for performers in need.
    IMO....JRS II would "never give a 'sucker' an even break"...However,[again IMO].... if he sensed the slightest righteous need...he would respond in a fsahion that would make the legendary.... Robin Hood.... proud.


  2. Thank you very much for the kind words. Acts of kindness on Soapy's part continue to trickle in.


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