August 15, 2010

Artifact #21: Soapy Smith send $500 to his wife

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Artifact #21 is a receipt for $500 that Soapy sent to Mary, his wife, from Skagway (spelled Skaguay back then) August 28, 1897. Using an inflation calculator $500 is the equivalent of $15,559.19. Artifact #21 accompanies artifact #20 in that both receipts were sent on the same day to Mary for a total of $1,500, which is he equivalent of $46,677.57 in today's market. That's a nice chunk of change considering Skagway was only 1 months old.

Thanks to Marlene McCluskey of the Skagway Historical Society blog and her wonderful huge list of names in Skagway I was able to identify "J. J. Carroll" whose name appears on the bottom right corner of the receipt. John J. Carroll was the purser of the steamer Humbolt which makes perfect sense.

Artifact #20: page 436


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