June 6, 2010


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JULY 8, 2010

(The following was published in the June issue of the Magic Castle newsletter) 
On July 8, 2010, the Magic Castle will pay tribute to the notorious frontier con man, swindler and self-declared humanitarian Soapy Smith. The 6th annual Soapy Smith Celebration and Costume Party will see the Magic Castle magically transformed into Soapy Smith’s Parlor – Hollywood Branch! Each member & guest attending will receive a history of Soapy’s career and $100 in “Soapy Money” to play frontier games of chance: Faro, 3-Card Monte, Fast & Loose, the Shell Game and Roulette. The entire Castle will be transformed into a frontier saloon from the Gold Rush days, and everyone is encouraged to dress as members of Soapy’s nefarious gang, or the rubes, hustlers, marks, dance hall girls and “soiled doves” of their choice. Whit “Pop” Haydn will spin stories of frontier gaming on the slant and pitch his cure-all patent medicines; Chef Anton, America’s 2-time trick shot pool champion, will display his skills with cue and chalk; Jeff Smith will talk about his great grandfather, shot dead in Skagway 112 years ago; Professor Dave Bourne and his Medicine Show Band will play tunes in the Inner Circle; and a Castle-wide costume contest will award prizes for the funniest, sexiest and most authentic 1890s costume. Plus, an auction of Soapy Smith memorabilia will be held, all to benefit the Dai Vernon Fund. This party will take place throughout the Castle.

Photographs from last year's event.


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