June 9, 2010

Soapy Smith in German

I have been searching for the above magazine for years. It is a German mag called Jack Slade, published by Bastion Publications. The website I found it on is Good Old West Western-Literatur which is in German. By using the Google translation tool I found that name of the magazine is called Jack Slade but it appears to be the author as well. I think that is a mistake on the part of the translation tool. The first issue of Jack Slade came out March 7, 1999 and this issue is #225. The title story is Die Legende von Soapy Smith which is German for Die legend of Soapy Smith.

I had to censor the woman as many of the ladies on these magazines bare their breasts. I do have schools and youngsters who check out my blog now and again.

I would love to hear from anyone who may know more about this particular issue and how one might be purchased. I would also like to know if it is graphical like American comic books. I can't read German but I can look at the pictures! 



  1. "Die Legende von Soapy Smith" is actually "The Legends of Soapy Smith." If you have any questions about the German, let me know. Although I'm American, I live and work in Germany, so I'm quite fluent.

    Germans really have a strange fascination with the Wild West... When I tell anyone here that I am from Wyoming, they automatically start asking me questions about the Wild West and cowboys. The strangest question I got was whether or not cars exist in Wyoming or if we still go everywhere by horse....

  2. Thank you very much Alex, for the lesson in German and the good laugh. Looking on the website I clicked some of the page links and found many varieties of western books and mags. I knew there was a great interest in the American west in Germany as a great friend of mine moved from Germany to the U.S. and now owns a wonderful old west town he built. I go there once a year and play "cowboy" with a hundred of his friends.

    Perhaps you could do a check online and see if you can locate this one magazine? I really hope it is on the level of comic books in the U.S.


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