June 8, 2010

The movie dream: I found my Denver, addendum #1

I published the post from this morning, June 8, 2010 over on the True West forum and friend , Karin Mckechnie posted this response, 

What a great choice! Now imagine it with the mountains all CGI'd in...

Oh Yeah! I can imagine that.

Looking at the period photograph I posted this morning you can see the beautiful Victorian tower of the Denver train depot at the far end of the street. Now look at the aerial view of the back lot. That long straight street could easily have a trolley laid in. I can imagine a scene where Soapy is traveling towards or away from the CGI'd depot as he is traveling the length of Seventeeth Street on a Trolley, working a dupe in the usual method as busy nineteenth century Denver moves about the trolley as it moves slowly down the street. Gang members, merchants and police officers call out a cheerful "good-day Colonel Smith." So many scenes could be shot literally all at once in one trolley ride which would show the large scope of Soapy's many "enterprises." It is often mentioned by those who have read my book, just how busy he was on a daily basis. That one trolley trip could answer so many questions without having to change scenes. A conveyor belt of information.




  1. What an amazing character from American history! Soapy's story is far too good not to have a movie with him in the staring role. Is there a screenplay in the works?

  2. Thank you for commenting. You are correct in stating that "Soapy's story is far too good not to have a movie with him in the staring role." It might be easily dismissed when such a statement comes from me but there are so many people who feel the same as you. It has always boggled my mind that he is not more well known. His day is coming.

    There are numerous screenplays about Soapy Smith, including mine, lol. It's just a matter of time in my opinion.


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