May 22, 2010

Soapy's sisters in Temple, Texas, 1900.

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1900 Federal census
Bell County, Temple, Texas

Kyle Rosene sent in the 1900 census for Temple, Texas showing Soapy's sisters, Emma Lou and Eva Katherine renting a home at 318 N. 11th Street. Emma Lou married gambler Robert Gardner in 1893 and this is their home. Living with them is Eva Katherine Light and her 3 children. Her husband, William S. Light died in 1893 after accidentally discharging his gun. Two of the children, William Jeff Light and Emma Ruby Light are Williams but the third, Lucile was born in 1898, five years after William had died. There is no solid explanation for Lucile. She could be born out-of-wedlock or adopted, perhaps not legally but taken in, we do not know yet. If any family member has any information please let me know and I will post it here.

This census, if correct (they often are not) gives us new information on the births and lives of Soapy's two sisters, a longtime mystery to my side of the family. Thanks to the help of their kin we all are learning about them.

  • Emma Lou: Born October 1873, married Robert Gardner. She can read and write English.
  • Robert Gardner: Born October 1867. Robert and Emma Lou married in 1893. His parents are unknown, his father being born in Kentucky and mother in Arkansas. Robert lists his occupation as "gambler" and out of work for the last two months at the time the census was filled out.
  • Eva Katherine Light: Identified as Elizabeth. Born February 1872. Mother of 3, dressmaker, and can speak and write English. Eva's 3 children are as follows.
  • William Jeff Light: Identified as Willi J., born October 1889 in Temple, Texas and in school.
  • Emma Ruby Light: Identified as Emma R., born May 1891 in Texas. Attending school.
  • Lucile ?: Born February 1898 in Texas.
I ask the families help with these members...

Below is a Google map of 318 N. 11th Street as it looks today. Towns and cities sometimes changed their street numbering so this may be incorrect. Enjoy.

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Emma "Emmie" Lou Smith
: 22, 121, 377, 397, 403-04, 589.
Eva Katherine Smith: 9, 22, 82, 121, 193, 216, 397, 403-04, 594.
Robert Gardner: 197, 354, 360, 397.
William Sidney "Cap" Light: 9, 82-83, 184, 193-94, 207, 214-18.
William Jeff Light: 22.


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