May 27, 2010

Real shell game in Manchester

The above video is brand spanking new. It comes from Kyf, a fellow member of the School for Scoundrels forum. On May 25 he posted the following.

Just back from Manchester [U.K.] and walked past a crew working the tops outside the station. I watched them for a while - Eastern European.

Two shills that were obvious - one either side of the table. They had just set up when I walked past.

The mark was the guy in the fluorescent jacket with a shill either side - the video clip was shot on my iPhone and a bit too can see him signaling to someone behind me. Had to stop when a third guy came up behind me a little too quickly for my liking.

I laughed and walked away (hoping I looked like a tourist).

There appeared to be five of them in the team, two shills and two lookouts (including the guy I didn't see until he was behind me) both well away from the game. I came back a few minutes later and spotted the fourth lookout on the far side. ...

... He was good although his shills were far too obvious in betting/playing - but I guess that depends on your point of view, knowledge of the game etc.

Playing at £20 (British Pounds) a time I saw him take two marks for the short time I was there.


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