May 16, 2010

Call of the Wild, 1972

member "Bungalo Bill" sent me the following email.

Hi Jeff.
I stumbled onto an old movie starring Charlton Heston titled, "Call of the Wild." I can only assume it was based on the book by Jack London.

The interesting part takes place in Alaska where Heston's character runs a dog sled carrying the mail from Skaguay to Dawson. One scene showed frozen dead horses along the trail. The scenes in Dawson closely resemble the sort of action going on in Skaguay, and there is even a town boss character who looks a lot like Soapy! Wrong town, but right kind of guy.

Check it out if you have the time.

I found this video on YouTube with a clip from the 1972 film and although I have yet to see the whole film that character Bill mentions just has to be the character shown near the end of the clip..


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