April 13, 2010

Soapy Smith's escape ship.

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steamer Janus
Was this Soapy's ship?

On July 8, 1898 the day of the gunfight which ended his life, Soapy must have sensed the possible end of his reign in Skagway as he was obviously preparing for an exit when he purchased a ship from Captain S. E. Bright. I have found nothing on the ship except the name, Janus, and the Probate paperwork on sale of ship on display at the Skagway City Museum. After Jeff’s death Bright claimed Jeff had not paid him for the boat although he had given Jeff a bill of sale. The Janus was returned to Bright on July 23, 1898.

A schooner

Why did Soapy need such a large ship? Was it the only one in the harbor? Was it the only one he could purchase? A large ship would certainly be needed to carry out the gang, his property... and all that gold, can't forget to load the gold.


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