April 7, 2010

Soapy Smith's Aunt Francis Edmundson

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Francis (Edmundson) Watts
Kyle Rosene Collection

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"Aunt Francis Watts, sister Em. D. Edmundson,
(Smith) Died 70 years ago 1912."

Kyle Rosene Collection

Here is another excellent photograph from the Kyle Rosene Collection.

Francis (Edmundson) Watts
  • Birth: August 31, 1834.
  • Parents: Joseph E. Edmundson and Elizabeth Austin.
  • Spouse: A man named Watts.
  • Death: 1866.
Francis was the sister of Emily Dawson Edmundson, Soapy's mother, which makes Francis his aunt. I question the date of death. I obtained my date from Ellen Rafeedie's family tree and I am confused by the note of death on the back writing of the photograph that Francis "Died 70 years ago 1912." I wager that either Emmie Lou or Eva Katherine Smith wrote the message. but was it written in 1912, which would place the date of death for Francis at 1842?

I am asking the family for help on this please.


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