April 10, 2010

Skaguay Cornet Band

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Skaguay Cornet Band
courtesy of Jules A. Martino

May 1, 1898 was a big day for Capt. Jefferson Randolph Smith II in Skagway. He was the "hero" of the day and a special parade was about to begin. What is a parade without a band?

Jules Martino, a member of the True West forum, has been sharing his fine collection of early photographs in his collection. The above example is one he allowed me to share on this blog.

Denver Evening Post, May 24, 1898

... By 7 o’clock … upwards of six hundred men and many ladies could be seen on the streets wearing red, white and blue badges which read: “Freedom for Cuba! Remember the Maine! Compliments of Skaguay Military Company. Jeff R. Smith, captain.” At 7:30 o’clock a procession nearly two blocks in length formed on Broadway, led by a carriage containing Dr. Hornsby and Moore, Walter Church and Deputy United States Marshal John Cudihee, and headed by the Skaguay Cornet band. Standard Bearer Tanner of Denver, Colo., proudly bore a large silk flag on which is inscribed the words, “First Regiment of Alaska Militia.”

Beside him marched Captain Jeff R. Smith of the Skaguay guards.


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