April 16, 2010

Ellen Stimpson Peniston

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Ellen Stimpson Peniston
Mrs. Ira Ellis Smith

The above fine lady is Soapy's grandmother. She never had the opportunity see her grandson, dying before his birth. She was born, Ellen Stimpson Peniston, March 4, 1802 in Petersburg, Virgina. Daughter of Samuel Peniston and Ariana Sleymaker.

Ellen was educated in Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland. In a letter from her sister to a niece, she is described as the “Belle of Virginia” and “the Flower of Georgia.” Another family letter boldly states that she was the most educated lady in Georgia. Ellen’s brother John Gilbert Peniston tells of a duel fought in September 1820 over the sixteen-year-old Ellen. It took place in St. Petersburg, Virginia, between R. C. Adams and James B. Boisseau, but that is another story for another time.

Married in Petersburg, Virginia to Dr. Ira Ellis Smith on December 6, 1821. They had 11 children together (ten boys and one girl).

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Ellen's final resting place

Ellen died October 23, 1860 in Coweta County, Georgia where she rests in final peace at Oak Hill Cemetery in Newnan, Georgia. Her sermon was given by Rev. Alexander Means, DD LLD., who read from Psalms 73, verses 24 and 25. In a family bible under her name it reads, "In sure prospects of a blessed immorality."

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Descendants Geri Murphy, Jeff Smith and Jeannie Schaffner
with the resting places of Dr. Ira Ellis Smith and wife, Ellen Stimpston Peniston

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