March 15, 2010

A Soapy Smith fan...

"WebShepp" is a big Denver fan of Soapy Smith. He writes...


When I was studying Meteorology in Denver there was a great Saloon, close to campus, known as Soapy Smiths Eagle Bar. About Larimer st and 14th street by the Platt River.

Soapys' drawing was on the menu and Management took it upon themselves to be an historian of Denver and Soapys' influences, and life and times.

The Saloon itself was very cool. The Best bartenders worked there, especially a comedian named Tom. There was a Magic Man that would show up on Thursday nights with a loud sport coat and all kinds of illusions and close up magic stuff.

The Physics club would reserve a table, upstairs, and drink beer after our Friday afternoon guest lecturer.

The establishment had three levels, when you walked up the stairs be greeted with an awesome inlaid would flooring with an Eagle spread in flight, and in looking up notice a massive Chandelier along with stuffed wild animals and paintings of naked women.

The place was such a favorite I saved visiting for special occasions.

All with great respect for your Grandfather.

Thanks for the website, I will buy your book.

Best regards

Thank you for sharing your story with us Fred. Look to the first right sidebar. See where it says "followers." please click the link and become one.


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