March 31, 2010

Jeff Smith's Parlor restoration: Part 3.

It will most likely be years before completion of the Jeff Smith's Parlor restoration by the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park. I will post updated news when available. I ask Karl Gurcke, historian at the park and he had this to say.

As far as the Parlor report is coming along, well, it's coming along. Our regional office hired a full time historian last year, in what we call a term position. Term positions can last up to 4 years. He's doing the historic structure reports for all the "new" historic buildings we've recently acquired. He's spent a lot of time on the Parlor report and it's gone through several full reviews and he's now working on integrating all the comments / suggestions into the report. Still no date for publication or even sending the report to the publisher. I'm not even sure it will be published, it may just be an internal report or something we put on the web. One thing I'm suggesting is that we need a section of the report dealing with what we find after we take the building apart and then restore it. There may be lots of interesting things we find that are hidden under the current fabric and we should report on that. Doing that would push the publication date back several years till after we restored the building or we could publish the report without the section and add it later in a second edition. Lots to still work out. This report has been a very interesting project - it has more twists and turns than anything I've ever been involved with.


Karl Gurcke, Historian

Thank you very much for the update Karl. I know we all look forward to the start and completion of this project.


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