March 20, 2010

Alaskan Heroes: Soapy Smith collectors card?


I enjoy using my Paint-Shop Pro program to make up nice little memorials to Soapy. The top item is a fantasy piece. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century collector cards were popular. Much like today's sports cards, the old ones catered to heroes of the era, whether political, social or business. I even have one card from a series of Newspaper editor cards. The card I made is one based on Alaskan heroes in history. Card "number 56" is one for Captain Jeff R. Smith of the all volunteer Skaguay Military Company, heroes who answered President McKinley's call to arms in 1898.

The contents of the letter in the lower picture are non-fiction and found on page 489 of Alias Soapy Smith. I hope you enjoy these little works.


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