February 26, 2010

Soapy Smith joke...

A Soapy Smith joke

Soapy Smith noticed Joe Palmer, one of his gangsters with a nice new watch.

Soapy Smith: “Where did you get that gold watch Joe?”
Joe Palmer: “I won it in a race.”
Soapy Smith: “A race? I didn't hear about no race. How many people was in it?”
Joe Palmer: “Three, …a Sheriff, the owner of the watch, and me!”


As most of you may already know I have spent much of my life researching everything I can find on Jefferson Randolph Smith II, more commonly known as "Soapy" Smith. There is so much information I want and will share with you, perhaps too much if that is possible. Having so much information can make picking out something to write about sort of hard, believe it or not. Usually what happens is that I write about what ever pops up in front of me first which is most of the time via e-mails. My computer has been down and I just moved so as soon as things get settled I want to start publishing two mass part stories. The first will be about the "bad" Soapy, via violent saloon altercations and gunfights. The second installment will be about the "good" Soapy, catering to all of his charity work, etc. I hope this will excite some involvement and response.

By all means if there is some event in Soapy’s life that you would like to know more about or see artifacts and photographs I might have regarding your request, please write in and let me know.

Recently a batch of new stuff has come in and I will get to them first, as I am able. I am still using a computer at the library and combining information is quite a task.


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