December 11, 2009

Soapy Smith book review

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Linda Wommack is the well known Colorado historian, author, and descendant of Bob Wommack, founder of Cripple Creek gold. Here is what Linda had to say about my book.

I loved the book! So much so, that after the holiday, I am going to read it again; this time as research. Oh! Before I forget-please pass along my thanks and regards to your publisher who sent me a very nice note included with the book.

As a Colorado historian, I have often thought of Soapy Smith as the "Forest Gump" in Colorado history-he seemed to pop up everywhere, but always hard to track down and follow. So much so, that by and large, he only receives a paragraph or two in the annuals of Colorado history. Not only is this the first book devoted to the history of the con-man, with the supporting documentation provided, it is the definitive biography of the soap man. Cheers, hugs, and well done, my friend.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Linda Wommack


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