December 19, 2009

Modern day shell & pea gang shut down in Los Angeles.

Nick Johnson, posted an email he received on his website Australia’s Honest Con Man. It reads:

Got an email early this morning from a shell game worker in LA.

The city’s street swindlers are buzzing with the news that one the more popular shell game groups has been shut down by police and it’s eight members have been arrested.

Usually, its very hard for police to catch groups because their networks of look outs means they will quickly vanish into the crowd before police get close.

Not only that, but local businesses get kick backs from the swindlers, meaning the seldom report the crime.

Juan Arroyo was the ringleader of the group, employing Santana Valencia and Adrian Sanchez as his tossers (the guys who actually play the game.)

It looks like the police are finally making a move to shut down the street game.


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