November 18, 2009

A Soapy Smith in Tombstone poll

John Randolph Smith, Jeff Smith, and Bobby Sheldon, 1973
Bobby Sheldon claimed to have witnessed the
Gunfight on Juneau Wharf (July 8, 1898)

Cathy Spude, soon to be author of another book on Soapy Smith, has published a post on the Tombstone History Discussion Forum, which reads,

Cathy Spude
Jeff R. Smith in Tombstone

So this proves that "Soapy" Smith was in Tombstone for the infamous gunfight? Do you know how many Jeff Smith's there were in the country in 1882? The 1880 census lists 184 Jeff Smiths, with 25 of them being born in Georgia. None of them lived in Colorado at the time.

Come on, Jeff. Give us a on your laurels and don't push it.

Believe it or not there are actually people who do not want to learn new information, perhaps in fear that it will change their previous beliefs. In Cathy Spude's case it is clearly a personal issue as her book's agenda is to downplay Soapy's roll in history in hopes of raising interest in J. M. Tanner who became .Skagway's deputy U.S. marshal after Soapy was shot dead. To add the heated history of Tombstone into Soapy's already exciting life will not help her downplay cause that Soapy was nothing but a tin-horn con man, to say the least.

As I have several detractors on that Tombstone forum, right along with some new found friends and some hard-earned respect, I am giving the members of that forum the opportunity to cast their thoughts as to whether they want to hear about my Soapy/Tombstone information. Lord knows that if none are interested then I certainly don't want to waste my valuable time giving them something they don't want, lol.

Below is a poll for those who enjoy the Tombstone History Discussion Forum. It is here as it won't appear over at the other forum.

Do you want to keep abreast on Soapy in Tombstone?
YES! Any new Tombstone information is welcome.
Yes, but only if it makes Wyatt Earp look good.
Yes, but only if it comes from anyone other than Jeff Smith
No, I already know everything I want to know about Tombstone.
No, I already know everything there is to know about Tombstone.
No, there is no new information to be had about Tombstone. free polls


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