November 3, 2009

Book review #5

After my new book was published I was nervous as hell about how the public would evaluate it. You have no idea how relieving it is to receive and read every single one thus far. I am ecstatically proud.

Jeff Brady, personal friend and owner of the Skagway News, sent this in today.

Hi Jeff
Just cracked your book, can't put it down - skimmed to the ending of course to see how you diagnosed the shooting (very thorough) and now am into the intros and the Georgia years. I'm impressed much the way Art was with how detailed and backed up your research is, and how you contrast it with the many stories told over the years. Very impressive at first sitting and can't wait to finish it. Congratulations friend Soapy! —Jeff Brady

PS to Art - the check's in the mail!

I'm going to assume the latter comment is another order as he had sold out his copies before receiving them.


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