September 8, 2009

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Soapy Smith autopsy
$381.99 on eBay

An interesting auction took place on eBay in which I was tossed between two hopes. On one hand, I wanted to see the photograph sell for a lot of money, which would indicate to me a continuing growth of interest in Soapy Smith. On the other hand I was hoping no one knew what the photograph was so that I might grab it at a low selling price. It sold for $381.99, well out of my range. However, it is a win/win situation as I already own one original print of the photograph.

I believe the 4-1/2" X 6-1/2" photograph was one of many sold to the general public through ads in the Skaguay News and the Daily Alaskan after Soapy Smith's death.

The photograph is a very interesting one as it shows two of the bullet wounds received during the gunfight, the deep graze on the left arm, near the elbow and the entrance wound near the left nipple of the bullet that killed him. The detail of this photograph are thoroughly explained in my book.

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