August 26, 2009

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Landing supplies in Skagway, 1897

Dyea and Skagway are only 5 miles apart. When the PO [post-office] in Skagway was first established a pouch was dispatched from Dyea to Skagway. By the established route the pouch had to go to Juneau 100 miles and then return to Skagway. After traveling the 200 miles, the P.M. [post master] at Skagway brought the pouch to Dyea to have it unlocked, he not having received his mail key.

Excerpts John Clums notebook, Tombstone Times, September 2009
Gary Ledoux, John Clum in Alaska – part 7

Gary Ledoux is the author of two volumes on the life of John Clum who established US postal service in Skagway, Dyea and throughout southeast Alaska. They are
  • Nantan: The Life and Times of John P. Clum Volume 1 Claverack To Tombstone 1851 – 1882.
  • Nantan: The Life and Times of John P. Clum Volume 2 Tombstone To Los Angeles 1882 - 1932.
They can be found on Gary Ledoux's website, YesterWest.

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