August 14, 2009

Quick quotes...

From the Rocky Mountain News, 1884 a prominent Denver hotel keeper speaks.

"What is to become of the city if bunko men are to be allowed the swing they have now?

We have had over a dozen guests of our hotel bunkoed in the fortnight and travel is actually falling off on account of it. People are getting afraid to come to Denver.... There are about a dozen bunko sharks hanging around this hotel all the time, and by the time a guest gets in he is either robbed or talked to death."


  1. Great little slice of western life. I spent some time in Denver a few years back. Judging by some of the folks I met, it hasn't changed much

  2. Lol...Dave, I'm glad you enjoyed it. There will be many more coming. Thanks for "following." I like your site as well!


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