August 18, 2009

Passage from Welcome Suckers...

In the novel, Welcome Suckers by James Buchanan (2003) Soapy meets with the Creede, Colorado "city council" with a plan to help himself as well as help the town rid itself of the dreaded tyrant, Robert Ford the man who killed outlaw Jesse James.

Jeff shook his head. "Gentlemen, y'all are not a town council." He held up a preemptory hand as thet started to object. " 'Cause yuh don't have a town here, just a bunch uh holes in the ground. An' yuh never will have, long as Bob Ford's runnin' things."

Moses, his folksiness aside, was obviously too shrewd to take offense. "That's mighty plain speaking."

"Bob's 'fraid uh civilization the way a grizzly bear is. Civilization shows up, Bob'll shoot it. Now me, I like a little law, things peaceable so people can have their innocent fun without fear uh harm."

Moses smiled appreciatively. "And you sure ain't afraid of Ford, neither. That's what it'll take."

The others nodded fervent aggreement.

Jeff managed to mask his wariness. "What it'll take for what?"

"Bringing in the telegraph," Moses said, his jaw outthrust.

Jeff, for once, was behind the wave. "Well, I dunno now, yuh might just have the wrong fella ... see, I'm just a gambler and a confidence man."

Cameron led the approval: "By God, how can you not trust a man who says a thing like that?"

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