July 14, 2009

Soapy Smith Wake - 2009

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The band play on
(Professor Dave Bourne and the band played 19th century tunes all night)

It has been six days since the Soapy Smith Wake at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. I have been too busy with my publisher to post about it. Now if I can just remember everything. I had the pleasure to have my daughter, Ashley accompany me once again this year. I brought the original grave marker and fliers for my book. This was the 6th annual affair at the Castle, a very plush 3-story Victorian home converted into a private magic club. There are many regular attendees from the membership of the Castle as well as the School for Scoundrels Forum. Some of the regular guests that I personally know included Jim and Suzanne Petersen, "German Pete", wife Maureen and their band of rogue cowboys, "Honest John" and wife "Lucky Linda," Phil Gessert brought his gambling house once again, which is always a big hit. Shay Maxwell brought out his faro table, Larry Bitterman and so many more great people who I just plain don't know their names. The period music and the gambling made this a night to remember.

I mingled while my daughter, supplied with $100 in Soapy money (supplied by the Magic Castle), decided to try her luck at the tables. I realized she had sat down at Shay Maxwell's faro table so while she played, I bent down and whispered stories about how her g-g-grandfather was addicted to the game and how he once slashed a faro layout with a 5" dirk (knife) . By the end of the night she had doubled her money. At one point she tired of faro and got up from the table to play another game. Five minutes later she was sitting at the other faro table manned by Wyatt Earp and his wife Josie. I think she's addicted.

"German Pete" and I chatting about my book
(I swear that's what we were talking about when this photo was taken)

There was so much going on and the evening went by so quickly. Let the photograph speak for themselves and tell the story.

Photographs taken by Hal Scheie (copyright)

Photographs taken by Jeff Smith

A very special thank you goes my good friend, Whit "Pop" Haydn
for putting this wonderful event on every year.

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