July 2, 2009

Soapy Smith Wake, 2009

This July 8 is the 111th anniversary of Soapy Smith's murder. Skagway, Alaska will be having their 32 annual Soapy Wake/Party and the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California will be having their 6 annual Wake event. The Hollywood event is the one I attend. This is a great event in a plush atmosphere with period old west gambling, music, etc. If interested you should contact me as the Magic Castle is a members only event. Being a member I might be able to get some of you in as guests. To learn more about the event check out the Wake page on the main website HERE.


  1. Hi, I'm writing about "Soapy" and the annual wake/parties for him for my July 8th post at everydaysaholiday.org. I'd love to post this jpg of the invite on my site. Would that be okay?

  2. Hi, Steve.
    Thank you for asking. You are most welcome to use it.


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