July 8, 2009

Here's to Soapy's ghost!

Today is the 111th anniversary of Soapy Smith death at the Gunfight on Juneau Wharf (July 8, 1898). Thirty-two years ago my father and the cast of the Days of 98 Show in Skagway, Alaska started a tradition of drinking a toast to 'ole Soapy at approximately 9:15 pm annually.

Five years ago the Wake tradition caught on at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Magic and bunco games are close relatives as most bunco games are simply sleight-of-hand magic tricks meant to fool a dupe into giving up their money, many historians of magic tend to also be historians of the bunco men. As I live in California this is a lot easier and less expensive trek for me and members of the Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith.

Learn more about the Soapy Smith Wake and its history on the main website page HERE.

If you are unable to physically join us at one of the wakes, please, my family asks that, no matter where you are tonight at 9:15 pm, please stop for a second, raise your glass and give a toast

Relatives and Friends of "Soapy" Smith, raise your glasses

Here's to Soapy's ghost!

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