July 22, 2009

Early reports, sales, and a reunion.

Early ad for the Soapy Smith Museum

I am quite satisfied today. My publisher at Klondike Research emailed me to let me know that orders for my manuscript are coming in already and the book is not due out until August. I'm not sure if that is normal for most books but it sure sounds like a good sign to me.

A fellow historian, Bob Wood has published a very nice post regarding my manuscript over on his blog, Where the Old West comes back to life. He writes.

Available now on advanced order is the most comprehensive book ever written about legendary "confidence man" Soapy Smith. Priced at just $26.00 softcover and $43.00 hardcover plus postage, this is the buy of the century.

Author and great-grandson, Jeff Smith, spent 25 years researching his book and has left no stones unturned. Jeff has told the truth as he found it in this comprehensive biography of his Great-Grandfather, an extraordinary confidence man, gambler and all-around bad man.

From Georgia to Texas and from Colorado to Alaska you will learn firsthand the inter-workings of a swindler/crime boss and business man with many surprise associations.

Order now to insure getting a copy from the very first printing.

Thank you Bob for those kind words! If you're interested in old west antiques then you will want to visit his blog which will lead you to his on-line photo catalog of his merchandise.

There is a family reunion now in the planning stages for next July 4-8 2010 in Skagway, Alaska where Soapy was shot dead during the Shootout on Juneau Wharf. Although it is a family reunion all are welcome to join us next year in Skagway. Pending details will be published here.

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