June 20, 2009

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The third marker over Soapy Smith's grave

I recently found the above photograph of Soapy's third grave marker, believed to have been erected in 1927 by a Tom Kearney of St. Louis, who sent a telegram and $50 to upgrade Soapy's wooden marker which was in great need of replacing due to the many names that had been carved into it and chunks of wood striped from it as souvenirs. Pullen had the cement marker (shown above) placed onto the grave and placed the old wooden marker into her hotel museum, where in 1973 John Randolph Smith (my father) purchased the marker at auction of Pullen's museum.

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Tom Kearney

Tom Kearney, a fan, or possibly an old member of the Soap Gang, sent Harriet Pullen the above photograph and signed it

"St. Louis, Mo. 9/23/1929
To an old friend Harriet Pullen
Tom Kearney"

The photograph of the marker above, as well as the other five markers that rested above Soapy's grave can be viewed, along with their history on the WEBSITE.

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