May 10, 2009

More on Welsh...

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Courtesy of Cliff Welsh
The 1902 capture of Ed LaBelle

I received an interesting email from Cliff Welsh, Heidi's brother. He writes,

Might as well chime in as another Welsh - Heidi's brother.

Nice site.

Don't know if you ever saw the HBO series Deadwood, but I imagine the Klondike must have had similar characters, if with a Canadian twist.

Attached are scans of a ticket to the hanging and an article about the LaBelle case.

I was named after his son Cliff, who went on to serve in The Great War in the Canadian Army, be wounded at the Somme in 1916 at Courcellette, and end up flying airplanes at the end of the war.

My brother's middle name is his first name, and my dad's middle name was his middle name also. ...

Cliff Welsh

Thank you Cliff. Great scans! The photo above also shows what appears to be a sort of rogues gallery, with a highway bandit by the name of Tom Clark, alias "Muldoon," and a burglar by the name of John C. Forb....(sic - can't decipher the last name). Below is the execution pass made out to William Welsh to witness the execution of Edward LaBelle.

(click image to enlarge)
Courtesy of Cliff Welsh
William Welsh's pass to witness LaBelle's execution.

A very interesting family history indeed.

Oh, and Cliff, yes I am very familiar with HBO's Deadwood. The soap selling "huckster" portrayed in every season was Soapy Smith.

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