April 11, 2009

Meet Emmett Miller, soap pitchman...

I received an email from chicago based magician, Emmett Miller who performs a version of the prize package soap sell racket.

He writes.
Dear Mr Smith my name is Emmett Miller I work as the Windy City Wizard. I was reading your post on scoundrel's forum. And I thought you would like to know that I still actively perform the soap pitch a number of times each year.

I started the pitch about 5 or 6 years ago. My problem was finding a way to do it ethically and in the right place to give it some historical content. In short it needs to be done in the right place. I work a number of historical events each year many of them are Civil War events or 1900's style events. This gives me the right kind of back drop for the pitch.

In side each of the bars is a $100 confederate bill with short explanation printed on the back with my contact information. I am selling them my business card.

In side the soap it self is a coin, this allows me to stay true to my claim that each and every bill contains real American currency. I only perform this when I am working a historical venue. I have done this at Civil war event Jubilee events & Chautauqua's oh and an event in Chicago called Reenactorfest. The soap pitch has gotten me work in other venues such as museums and heritage festivals. Each time it was an audience member that called me because of my contact information in the soap.

This year I will be taping a number of my shows I am sure that the soap pitch will be taped at some point this year. So some time around Jan of 2010 I will have the time to send you a copy if you like.

Best regards

Emmett L. Miller
Magical Entertainer
The Greatest Magician You've Never Heard Of!

Emmitt's website reads.
Step into the past with this vintage magical act! This performance echoes from a time of the classic traveling shows of the 1860's, imitating the classic illusions of Gus Rich, a famed Civil War Magician. Performing as "Swin D. Lure," the Windy City Wizard educates his audience about the trade of a con-man. He will demonstrate card manipulation along with a variety of other con-games, some which are still played today. If demonstrating his talents on a small scale is not enough, then his traveling "Medicine Show" is sure to be deceptively entertaining. This comedic act, praising magic elixirs and wonder tonics, may make you a believer or at least give you some insight into the traveling Kickapoo medicine shows of the 1890's.

I look forward to hearing from Emmitt.

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