March 7, 2009

Soapy Souvenirs from Anchorage.

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I brought home some Soapy Smith souvenirs from my Anchorage, Alaska trip. I am keeping these because some day they will be worth absolutely nothing! Lol. Hey, to me they are priceless...

  1. The playbill for The Ballad of Soapy Smith.
  2. Handbill posted about town for Gold Rush Day which had the reenactment of the Soapy Smith/Frank Reid shootout. This is where I performed as well. During the reenactment the "vigilantes" were calling Soapy out. They were yelling "Come out here Jeff...Jeff Smith come out here." I almost walked out into the middle of the event because I thought they were wanting me to come out, lol.
  3. The neat handbill Jason Hahn put into businesses for his Poker Run. I grabbed this one from my hotel. Jason is the owner and manufacturer of the Outlaw Alaska playing cards.
  4. The poker hand packages and two cards that are inside. My package is still sealed.
  5. The Outlaw Alaska deck of cards with Soapy on the backs of each card. Soapy is the ace of spades! This deck is sealed.
  6. There is no #6, lol.

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