March 10, 2009

The Shooting of Soapy Smith (video)

Here is an old timey video reenactment of Soapy Smith's Demise. Part of Gold Rush Days on D street for the annual Fur Rondy. This scene is taken from The Ballad of Soapy Smith which ran at Cyrano's Theater Company of Anchorage, Alaska in February 2009. The video is produced by Dan Lee and performed by the cast of the show. I especially enjoyed the added projector noise and how it tapered off when the movie came to an end. Note too that it is snowing!


  1. That's a great show there. Looked really authentic and the projector noise helped. What was the arguement about that led to these events?

  2. Hi, Archavist.

    What was the argument about that led to these events? The simple answer would be that Soapy's men had robbed a miner of his poke of gold. This is best answered by reading about it on my website, Alias Soapy Smith, History Part IV. I think you will also find the details of Soapy's death very interesting too as it involves murder and mystery.

    Jeff Smith


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