January 15, 2009

Was Wm. Wilson a member of the Soap Gang?

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After Soapy Smith was killed in Alaska the Soap Gang members who were not jailed fled back to the states. There were members of the gang who invested their ill gotten gains into real estate and retired to a quiet life. Others met their end violently. At least one went insane, swearing his old enemies were trying to shoot him. Still others had no choice but to continue the life of a bunko man, always hoping for the big score. Some denied ever knowing Soapy Smith while others bannered their association proudly. William Wilson fits into the latter category.


  1. Since when does one's old enemies attempts to shoot one mean one is insane? With old "enemies like that, who needs..." Never mind.
    E-mail's on the fritz.
    Cochise County cowboy war: A cast of characters
    by Roy B Young (Author)
    Amazon has just 1 copy.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi, 'S.'

    I wrote Scott as you suggested. I asked him to forward it to Roy Young as well. I am hopeful to learn something new from them...which would mean I would be soon posting it here!


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