January 21, 2009

"Sure Thing Men"...

Due to the location of a saloon on Larimer street these bunko men are probable members of the Soap Gang or the Blonger Gang.
They Worked the Old Double Lock
Game on the Grays.
The county detectives yesterday arrested two clever "sure thing" sports and lodged them in the county jail on charges of safe keeping. The names given by the prisoners are Jesse Paxton and George Hold. They dress well and live on the fat of the land. Their game is a very simple one, but the manner in which they work it is very smooth. When searched at the county jail a couple of small locks of the ordinary pattern were found upon Paxton and these told the story, when taken into consideration in connection with the story of John Decker, a littleton farmer. One of the locks could be easily opened, while the other could not. Decker met the young men in a saloon on Larimer street. The bunco men struck up an acquaintance and soon after produced the locks, one of which they opened. After playing their fish awhile they handed him a lock which he opened readily. the lock passed between them and then one of the sports made a bet that the farmer could not open it. Decker put up all his cash-$40-but found it impossible to open the lock. He complained to the officials and the arrests followed. It is said that the prisoners have buncoed at least a dozen victims by the manipulation of the locks.
Rocky Mountain News, September 22, 1894

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